The Scottish Government have set 10 key principles for local energy projects in their Local Energy Policy Statement. The principles guide CARES support and we will look for projects funded through CARES to align with at least one of these.

The principles are grouped under five key themes.


1. Undertake early engagement with people who will be involved, directly and indirectly.

2. Recognise and tailor support to the different ways people will want to engage.


3. Local energy projects should reflect local characteristics.

4. Focus on collaborative strategic approaches and partnership working.

Networks and infrastructure

5. All activity should provide a high level of security and quality of supply to all, with an emphasis on consideration of existing energy infrastructure first.

6. The design and operation of energy networks should consider the whole energy system while supporting local, regional and national solutions.

Pathway to commercialisation

7. Prioritise projects that demonstrate a commercially viable and replicable opportunity, in line with the principle of inclusive growth.

8. Prioritise and act upon “low regret” opportunities that support net zero emissions.


9. Local energy projects should seek to support the creation of high value jobs, including the development of the Scottish supply chain.

10. Any changes to the energy system should ensure a just transition for Scotland’s workforce.

You can view the full policy statement on the Scottish Government’s website