How to select a supplier on the framework 

To select a supplier on the Energy Saving Trust framework, you can use the ‘mini competition’ tender process. To assist community groups to procure suppliers on the framework, Energy Saving Trust has set up a mini-competition tender template.

This template requires you to complete the sections highlighted in yellow including the two key areas ‘Project Specification’ and ‘Tender Evaluation’. Your project specification should be very detailed and provide bidders with as much detail as possible as to what you wish to purchase. When writing a specification it is best to keep sentences short and simple as any ambiguity between your specification and the bidder’s interpretation of this will result in unrealistic costs being provided and create the potential for dispute during the contract. Please see the specification guidance for legal and financial services.

The tender process

During the tender process you should appoint a lead contact within the community group to manage the process. This includes issuing the tenders, coordinating any questions and answers ensuring all bidders receive responses, coordinating the evaluation of responses and feeding back to unsuccessful bidders. This person should be named on your mini – competition tender.

Evaluating tender responses

Although framework suppliers have been through a competitive process with Energy Saving Trust to be part of the framework, Energy Saving Trust encourages you to evaluate the quality of the tender responses received during their mini competition process, with reference to the consultant’s expertise and experience, availability to start work and understanding of your project and their approach to the work. The framework suppliers have already submitted thorough questionnaire responses in response to the  request for best offer (RFBO) so in the event that you do wish to set up a questionnaire section, keep questions short and subject to the specific project you are looking to undertake.

The mini competition template includes a draft schedule of prices you may use. The rates must be comparable across all tenderers so take steps to ensure that the response, and measurable price, is a total rate to perform the project. Framework suppliers must not exceed the rates they submitted to Energy Saving Trust for the RFBO.

Please contact your local development officer for an evaluation spreadsheet template.

Appointing a contractor

Once you have evaluated the responses to your mini competition you may appoint a contractor based on the results. You can then enter into final negotiations over a number of key criteria including rates, terms and conditions and timescales for delivery. Once these areas have been negotiated a Call-Off Contract may be finalised.

A Call-Off Contract essentially ‘calls-off’ the work for the supplier to do. This normally includes a new document, consisting of the finalised specification for the services, the agreed schedule of prices and terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

You may wish to engage a legal provider in supporting any negotiations over the terms and conditions of the purchase of services and drafting the final agreement between you and the supplier.