We’re delighted that Locogen is sponsoring the CARES Conference 2023 and we’re looking forward to having them there on the day! As a Scottish renewable energy company, Locogen has worked with a significant number of CARES applicants.

Locogen began work on their first CARES funded project over a decade ago and has since completed a large number of renewable energy projects. Most projects were only made possible with CARES funding, through all stages of development. These have included technologies such as wind, solar PV, hydroelectricity, and low-carbon heating.

One of Locogen’s most significant projects includes the 900kW Bespoke Community Development Company turbine in Lionthorn, Falkirk, where the group approached CARES for support under the first tranche of funding in 2013. Locogen continued to support the Bespoke Community Development Company through considerable financial and planning constraints for almost a decade, including through the height of the pandemic. The collaborative partnership finally paid off in 2021 when the turbine was commissioned. It is believed to be the last turbine in the UK to receive payments under the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

However, not all the work Locogen does with CARES support is related to the development of large multi-MW renewable energy installations. As the preferred supplier on the CARES Technical Advice Framework, many of the current projects are centred around feasibility studies and options appraisals. These look at how small low-carbon electricity and heat projects can make big differences to the cost of energy and reduction in carbon emissions for island communities, rural settlements, and businesses with green aspirations. Within the last year alone, Locogen has completed projects on Canna and Muck, and for organisations within Edinburgh and Fife; they are currently working on projects in Tayvallich and Knoydart and are looking to start working with communities on Lewis, North Ronaldsay and Tiree in the coming weeks.

Locogen has a genuine passion for delivering high quality, impactful projects, to the extent that for both the Bespoke Community Development Company turbine and the Ben Mor hydroelectric scheme in Achiltibuie, Locogen invested in the projects to help secure a positive result and share economic risk.

Throughout all stages of a project’s lifetime, Locogen is committed to finding innovative solutions that best fit a community’s needs, recognising that all communities have their unique opportunities and challenges.