Project lead: Blackwood Housing
Local Energy Challenge Fund award amount: £18,720
Area: Stirling


Blackwood Housing is a registered social landlord and is a leading national housing and care provider specialising in homes and care services for people with disabilities.

Project aims and objectives

This project aimed to reduce the organisation’s running costs and carbon emissions associated with car/vehicle transport in providing care to residents within the community. It aimed to achieve this through use of a solar PV scheme located at a Blackwood Housing care home.

The power from the solar PV panels will be stored within a new home battery arrangement; this would be able to charge electric vehicles and also provide an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) backup to Blackwood Housing’s new Telecare/Smartcare digital platform.

This project would enable Blackwood Housing to become self-sufficient for transport power and use to 100% of the solar generated power produced.


The project did not receive the funding requested, with feedback suggesting several areas where the project could be optimised and resubmitted to a different fund.

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