Fife Council wanted to understand how Burntisland, a community in Fife, could reduce its carbon footprint by 80%. Through working with the local community, Fife Council found out which low carbon heat and electricity solutions would be most suitable and how much they would cost. The Burntisland Community Energy Masterplan was produced which will be used to inform the planning process and help determine development in Burntisland.

The Burntisland Community Energy Masterplan is a pilot, hopefully the first of many which will cover all of Fife. By working with the local community, the project aimed to reduce fuel and mobility poverty and reduce carbon emissions. Through a series of consultation meetings and workshops, the ‘whole energy system’ for Burntisland was mapped. This looked at heat, electricity and transport options, including storage opportunities. The project brought in external expertise to enable the local community to understand their energy needs and how these could be met with low carbon, locally supplied energy.

The masterplan will help determine development in Burntisland and to make sure the priorities of the community are met while enabling Burntisland to become a low carbon, high resilience settlement. You can read the full methodology report here, or the Community Energy Plan below.

Download Energy Masterplan, Burntisland – case study.pdf, file size: 1002 KB