Project Lead: Dalavich Improvement Group
Partners: N/A
Award Amount: £6,867
Status: Complete
Area: Dalavich (Argyll and Bute)

Alternatives to conventional grid connection for River Avich hydroelectric scheme

The communities of Inverinan, Dalavich, Lochavich and Kilmaha, which form the Dalavich Improvement Group (DIG), are planning to build a 350kW run of river hydroelectric scheme on the River Avich. However, the grid connection cost is high and the need for transmission network upgrades mean the connection would be limited to 50kW until 2021.

With a view to exploring alternative uses for the energy generated, Community Energy Scotland has prepared this report, which outlines six potential options to maximise local energy use from the hydroelectric scheme.

These are:
1. Supply of electricity/heat via a ‘private wire’ network (Microgrid)
2. Woodchip drying and production
3. Wood pellet production
4. Crop production via polytunnel/heated glasshouse
5. Sustainable community transport
6. Community Hall, options for future development

By understanding the advantages and disadvantages, along with financial and technical requirements of each option, Community Energy Scotland believes DIG will be in a better position to make an informed decision to maximise the local use of energy from the hydroelectric scheme leading to a more sustainable community and more financially viable scheme.

Supporting Documents / Output Report(s)

Dalavich Improvement Group CARES IIF report