Project lead: Clackmannanshire Council
Local Energy Challenge Fund award amount: £24,852
Area: Clackmannanshire


The project aimed to install up to 100 sites with a hydropower turbine which when combined with a water source heat pump would generate genuinely ‘green’ heat and electricity which could potentially be extended to help reduce fuel poverty for local communities across Scotland.

The heat and energy supplied by the hydropower turbine (pico- or micro- scale) and the water source heat pump would be supplied by a large number of premises either owned or administered by Clackmannanshire Council and/or Housing Association properties.

The project would also develop a control and management system to monitor the dynamics of the available energy sources (electricity and heat) and match them with the prevailing loads or demands and balance the delivery for optimum efficiency over time.


While the project’s outcome determined that the co-location of hydropower and water sourced heat pumps was not commercially viable, several other opportunities were identified.

Read the final project report.