Project lead: Linlithgow Natural Grid
Local Energy Challenge Fund award amount: £25,000
Area: West Lothian


The Heat from the Street project aims to capture heat from waste water flowing beneath the Linlithgow streets by using heat pumps, powered by solar electricity from the roof of a block of Linlithgow’s Vennel flats. By creating a power link connecting this micro solar power station with mini district heat network serving a cluster of public buildings, the project aims to create the Linlithgow Energy Corridor.


At the heart of the project is the innovative, but tried & tested, ‘SHARC’ waste water heat recovery system. Substantial heat demand in one or more clusters of Linlithgow’s public buildings will be met by powering the high performance SHARC heat pump directly with solar electricity from the roofs of the Vennel flats.

A dedicated power link across land owned by the project stakeholders, the Linlithgow Energy Corridor, will enable local energy to remain local. Avoiding the national grid provides a win-win for producers and consumers alike. The project aims to prove that Heat from the Street can out-compete the economics of conventional natural gas, because the cheapest energy of all is energy saved.

Read the project information sheet, and read the final report.