The launch of the Community Heat Development Programme is planned for later this year (2022). Provisional information about the programme is provided below, but please note this information is subject to change.

The programme, which is expected to run until March 2025, will support eligible community organisations and groups of householders with their locally-generated heat project ideas.

The feasibility work for the Community Heat Development Programme will be free to successful applicants, but the approach will require householders to work with their neighbours to gauge interest and collate and provide the appropriate property and energy consumption information that will be required.

We’ll assess applications in line with the eligibility criteria, and successful applicants will receive technical support to appraise the feasibility of their communal heat project. Our consultants will complete an initial assessment to determine the project’s viability, and if it looks promising, we will commission a more detailed feasibility study for you and your neighbours. The feasibility study will include advice around next steps including, if appropriate, signposting to other forms of support, for example further pre-capital support and funding for your project.

The programme will help to develop community learning and models for community heat, which will have the potential to be replicated in other communities across Scotland. It’s important that this programme helps us to learn as much as possible about community heat projects so that we can help other communities to transition to net zero. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to support all applications through the programme and we will select projects based on their eligibility, chance of success and the opportunities for learning.

Examples of heat development projects

The following are examples of possible heat development projects.

  • A community-led heat network for a village that is off the gas network and serving multiple homes and potentially neighbouring businesses and other non-domestic properties.
  • A group of neighbours in a block of flats that are considering installing a collective heating system to service the block.
  • A climate action group looking at collective purchases of air source heat pumps and energy efficiency measures to make it cheaper and easier for their community to transition to net zero.

Register your interest

You can register your interest for the community heat development programme by completing our enquiry form on our contact us webpage.

Other steps you can take

There are other steps you can take.

  • You and your neighbours could contact Home Energy Scotland for advice around what insulation measures or other steps you could take to reduce your homes energy consumption.
  • You can start collating energy costs.
  • Speak to your neighbours to understand levels of potential interest.