Grants of up to 80% of eligible costs up to a maximum of £80,000.

The Community Buildings Fund helps community organisations reduce their building energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions by installing renewable technologies such as heat pumps, batteries, and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, along with energy efficiency measures. We plan to run the fund until the end of March 2025, subject to funding availability.

How much is available?

Get up to 80% as a grant. Get up to £80,000 to decarbonise your community building

Grant funding is available for up to 80% of eligible costs up to a maximum of £80,000. The inclusion or exclusion of VAT in CARES funding offers does not alter the grant maximum of £80,000.

Are you eligible?

You’ll be an eligible organisation like a charity, community or faith group based in Scotland.

You’ll need to install eligible measures like air source heat pumps, solar panels, energy efficiency measures and be committed to decarbonising your heating.

You’ll be improving a community or charitable building which you own or have a lease for that’s used frequently with high energy costs.

How to apply

  1. Read the full funding guidance to find out if your organisation, building and improvements are eligible. We’ve also put together some answers to frequently asked questions to help you work out if the fund is right for you.
  2. Choose your technology and start getting quotes from installers (see our funding guidance for more information).
  3. Complete an application form and return it to us as soon as possible.
  4. You have 12 months to complete your project from the date its approved.

Need help?

If you are interested in developing a renewable energy project in your community building, but aren’t sure where to start, help is on hand from Local Energy Scotland staff in your area.

We also have a wide range of resources and online tools available which can guide you through the options.