On Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 May we attended the All-Energy and Dcarbonise conference, the UK’s largest low carbon energy and supply chain renewables event, at the Glasgow SEC. In this blog, Kirsty Lewin, our Partnership Manager, tells us more.

Chris Morris, Local Energy Scotland Manager, in the Community and Local Energy Theatre at All-Energy 2023.

On the first day we ran a full programme of speakers at our Community and Local Energy Show Floor Theatre looking at community and local energy in the transition to net zero. We chaired four sessions covering:

  • technical solutions and innovation
  • funding and markets
  • urban energy projects
  • community benefit, collaboration, and shared ownership.

Speakers came from as far afield as Shetland and Cornwall and included communities, academics, the public sector, and industry. We were pleased to see so much engagement from the audience on community energy issues and we learnt a lot from the speakers and the questions.

On the second day we ran two panels:

  • community and local heat, chaired by Iona Hodge, our Local Heat Development Specialist
  • shared ownership and community benefit, chaired by Mark Brennan, our Shared Ownership Manager.

Iona was delighted with her session, noting that “the presentations were enlightening and the questions insightful”. Mark commented that “there were great questions from packed audiences and great answers from knowledgeable panellists.”

All of us at Local Energy Scotland would like to thank everyone who participated in our sessions on both days for making it such a success. We are looking forward to next year’s conference already!