Local Energy Scotland has been formally awarded the contract to manage the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) until the end of March 2025.

The consortium, which comprises Energy Saving Trust, Changeworks, Energy Agency, Scarf and the Wise Group and operates under the Scottish Government’s brand name Local Energy Scotland, has been awarded the four-year contract following a competitive tender process.

For more than a decade, CARES has supported hundreds of community groups, rural businesses, and other organisations to develop, own or take a stake in renewable energy projects across Scotland. CARES will continue to play a crucial role in helping Scotland to reach its ambition of net zero emissions by 2045 by increasing community and locally owned energy.

Chris Morris, Local Energy Scotland Manager, said: “This is great news; not only for us, but for communities too.

“We’ve developed strong relationships with groups and communities across Scotland, so on a practical level there’s no change in how communities can get in touch for support. It also means that we can continue to build on these relationships, as well as reach out to new communities who also want to generate their own heat and electricity.

“We’re really excited about the next four years and all the challenges and projects that it will bring. We look forward to continuing to work together to meet Scotland’s net zero ambition, of which local and community owned energy will play a crucial role.”

Local Energy Scotland is encouraging communities to respond to the consultation on the Scottish Government’s draft heat in buildings strategy – a key document that will set Scotland’s pathway to net zero emissions.