The pilot phase of the new CARES mentoring programme is now open for applications.

The programme aims to match community organisations undertaking CARES projects with mentors who have been through the CARES process in order to help develop and realise more local energy projects throughout Scotland.

The mentoring programme welcomes applications from community organisations undertaking CARES projects. The three mentors taking part in the pilot project – Carol Thomas, Simon Lee and Angela Williams – are all from community organisations that have successfully completed the CARES process.

Laura Campbell, Partnership Manager at Local Energy Scotland, said: “Our vision for the CARES mentoring programme is to develop a scheme that allows successful CARES projects to build on their achievements by becoming mentors, and for CARES recipients to strengthen their projects through this peer support. We aim to match mentors with relevant experiences with individuals within community groups in order to empower them to reach their full potential and develop and successfully take forward their own local energy projects.”

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