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Getting started

We have different advice, resources, case studies and more to help you through each stage of a local energy project. Explore the options below and if in doubt, contact your local development officer for help.

Starter guides by organisation type

Do you represent one of the following organisation types? Start here for organisation-specific advice.

Starter guides by project type

If your project fits into one of the following categories, start with one of our project type-specific guides. If you’re not sure what type of project you’re planning, read our introduction to local energy.

Explore funding options

The Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) offers a range of financial support to local energy projects. We can also help you with ongoing support, mentoring, advice and more.

Guides, resources and case studies by technology

If you’re looking for technology-specific information, use one of the following links.

Guides, resources and case studies by project type

If you’re looking for information relevant for a particular project type, use one of the following links.

Partners, investors, mentors and help

Follow one of the following links if you’re looking for support from others, whether that be one of our local contacts, a mentor an investor or another kind of partner.

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