Organisation Name: Castlemilk & Carmunnock Community Windpark Trust (Partnership Opportunity)
Contact Name: Margo Smith

CCCWT are working to develop renewable energy wind projects to provide community benefit for local communities  and  we are looking for a renewable energy project anywhere in Scotland where we can enter into a partnership to help us  meet our aims. We would like to explore financial investment in a renewable energy project, minimum circa £5000. Ideally we are hoping to develop links between urban and rural communities which will bring real community benefits to multiple areas of Scotland. We would consider partnership with a range of organisation types and would be extremely interested in any early-stage discussions.

Our financial terms are flexible and we would be interested to talk to any potential partners regarding project-specific details.

We believe in:

  • Capacity building: Castlemilk & Carmunnock Community Wind Park Trust acknowledges that attention to building the capacity of local men and women ensure the greatest likelihood of sustainability. Local people are involved in every stage of the development of the Wind Park Project. People have different skills, knowledge and experiences to bring to the Trust and are therefore drawn in through a variety of different approaches. By liaising with appropriate organisations and institutions at the micro (e.g. community groups and residents), meso (e.g. local authority and prospective funders) and macro levels (Scottish Government), the Trust aim to open up as many opportunities as possible for local people as possible.
  • Sustainable Development: the Trust contributes to the process of community regeneration and greater energy awareness. It aims to assist in addressing environmental, economic and social sustainability. Furthermore, it combines, in an innovative way, two key components of the sustainable development agenda (development of sustainable energy practices and an inclusive approach to community development).
  • Environmental Justice is at the very core of the Windpark Trust objectives.  Links between environment and poverty are becoming increasingly explored. The Trust recognises the importance of environmental justice and supports three factors.
  1. Local environmental resources should be utilised for the benefit of the community itself, rather than an external developer.
  2. Local people should be involved in every aspect of the development.
  3. Where local environmental resources are utilised, it should be done in a sustainable way and integrated into a project that ensures the sustainability of the area economically and socially.