Organisation Name: Solar Power Developments
Contact Name: Raoul Fraser

Solar Power Developments is based in London and is keen to invest in renewable projects in Scotland particularly with a community focus.

We have developed 70MW of solar farms in the last year, see for details of a recent scheme based in Norfolk. Further information is available on request, please contact us on 07968 063 071 to discuss.

We are flexible in our approach and encourage any interested community groups to contact us to discuss potential projects.

Investment/financial structure and terms:

  • We have no preference of structure and are willing to discuss any potential approaches

Preferred project stage, size, technology and minimum and maximum size of investment available:

  • Projects with 50% plus equity holdings. We are keen to invest a minimum size of £500k per project (up to £10m). These parameters are flexible and we would be keen to discuss proposals with any interested parties.
  • Preference for solar, wind or hydro
  • Seeking projects based anywhere in Scotland

Timescales for engagement:

  • We are happy to discuss at any point  of project development, however our preference would be for contact from a formal community group with a project proposal underway.


Contact email address: