Organisation Name: South Seeds
Contact Name: Lucy Gillie

South Seeds is an award winning registered charity based on the Southside of Glasgow working on energy efficiency and investigating renewable opportunities for residents and landlords since 2011.

We understand that large scale renewable energy projects which harness wind and flowing water are unlikely to be developed in our high density metropolitan environment, so we are looking for a community renewable energy project in Scotland which we can invest up to £50,000 in. In this way we can also create a link between city and country which may bring additional benefits. We are keen to bring renewable energy technology to the South of Glasgow and we have published a report outlining how renewables such as solar PV and air source heat pumps can be installed on a street by street basis, it also includes the possibility of district heating from new waste facilities and disused mine works.

We would be interested to speak to anyone who would like to support us to bring renewable energy installations to the South of Glasgow. If you are interested in finding out about how renewables can be developed on the Southside of Glasgow, investing in us or getting us to invest in your project, please get in touch through the website