Organisation Name: UpNorth! Community Development Trust
Contact Name: Frances Gunn

  • Highland Council

UpNorth! Community Development Trust is seeking to invest in a renewables project.

The Trust has expertise and knowledge of the rigours of developing wind projects, securing grid connection, finance planning etc through the development of a Melness Community Wind Energy Project.  This project failed due to difficulties securing the neccessary land agreement, but the Trust is determined to exploit the expertise it has developed to co-invest in another project.

The Trust has no funds to invest at present, but is confident that it could raise the required commercial finance provided the co-investment offered the required levels of security etc.  This may be coupled with, for example, a community share offer.

There is no minimum level of investment.  There is no maximum level of investment sought, although The Trust will be limited by the amount of finance can raise commercially.

The Trust has a comprehensive ‘community development plan’ which reflects community aspirations for the area.