Subsidy-free wind development is high risk if costs are above average. You will need to meet the above requirements due to several key challenges which we have identified below.

  • Income generation without subsidy depends on high energy yields.
  • Identifying the potential to mitigate radar issues can be very costly.
  • Viability and lending are jeopardised where underground risks remain.
  • Sensitive planning issues increase the cost of development.
  • Neighbours must take a financial stake if noise is above set levels.
  • Complex site access can significantly increase delivery and civil costs.
  • Limited local grid capacity will likely mean high connection charges.

Site ownership or securing a formal agreement is critical to lowering the risk. Excluding sites with challenges will leave the best to be developed but it should be recognised that ideal sites may be difficult to find and secure.

Review the CARES resources designed to support project development.