The Project Finance Model is an indicative, early-stage financial model to help community groups understand the potential profitability of community renewable investments.

There are a number of inputs and project spend schedule profiles needed in formats that are clear, transparent, and easily interpreted by a potential lender.

The Finance Model guide has been created to provide guidance on sample input data that can be used in the Project Finance Model and how to use the sensitivity analysis functionality of the model to determine the financial viability your project.

This document provides examples of input values and definitions of the inputs required for wind and hydro projects, as well as links to further information. Use this in conjunction with the Example Finance Model spreadsheet to develop a model for your own project.

The model has been independently reviewed by F1F9, but they have not undertaken a formal ‘model audit’ that can be relied upon.

The Scottish Government, F1F9 and Ricardo Energy and Environment hold no liability for any subsequent adjustment or amendments made to the model or any loss or damage arising from any reliance on or use of the information generated by this model by any community group, lender, investor or other interested parties. The user will need to type today’s date in worksheet ‘Accept disclaimer so visible’ in order to accept the disclaimer and make specific worksheets visible.