There is a lot you will need to do before you can install a turbine. Apply to CARES for financial support during preparation and development, where eligible.

  • Contract with an appropriate consultant to review the potential site(s).
  • Potential viability must be determined early and should include:
    • a desktop assessment of wind resource and turbulence
    • impact between turbines, where multiple turbines are considered
    • discussing planning requirements with your Local Planning Office
    • a desktop assessment of road and site access
    • consideration of all neighbouring properties (noise and flicker
    • discussing grid connections with the Distribution Network Operator
    • a desktop assessment of geology and mining, if required.

For each site, the consultant should provide a written report that includes:

  • the extent of any Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) required
  • the potential for Planning objections related to radar issues
  • suitability of ground, access and relationship to neighbours
  • the turbine type proposed, including the rationale for that choice
  • any other key risks and challenges for each site
  • an estimation of project scale, costs, programme and overall viability.

Remember to review the CARES resources designed to support project development.