The Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) has an important part to play both in supporting communities in the development of locally owned projects and in the opportunities that are available to invest in renewable projects being developed by others further afield.

CARES funding and support

CARES can support communities in the uptake of renewable energy projects, either as developers of their own projects or investors in projects led by commercial developers.

If you are considering investing in a renewable project, the following financial support is available to you through CARES.

  • CARES grants – funding is available to fund non-capital aspects of a project and can help with start-up costs, professional advice, community consultations and other preparatory costs.
  • CARES development loans/grants – this can be used for development costs in a shared ownership project.
  • Guidance from shared ownership team and local development officers – Our team has a shared ownership manager and specialist on hand with expert advice during every stage of your journey. We also have local development officers and energy specialists who are based across Scotland.

Visit our funding page for information.