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Capital works suppliers

The capital works supplier list aims to help communities find suppliers to install community-owned, small to medium-size renewables installations. Use the filters to find companies on the list in your area that can install your chosen size of installation.

To join the capital works suppliers list, suppliers must be:

  • a Microcertification Scheme (MCS) accredited supplier for the technologies listed
  • willing to engage with communities and respond to invitations to tender
  • be able to provide a full design proposal and build service as a turnkey contract for building scale installations, where this is required. This should include provision of the design, engineering, labour, materials and delivery, installation, monitoring and commissioning.

Please note: the suppliers listed meet the requirements detailed above, but are not endorsed or recommended by Local Energy Scotland.

If you’re an installer and you’d like to be included on this list, apply via the capital works supplier list application.

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