Many community groups may find it challenging to identify and appoint suppliers for professional services, such as project managers and technical advisers who can support the installation of capital works.

Local Energy Scotland has established two frameworks to support communities to successful deliver projects and will be establishing a list of contractors who wish to provide services to CARES supported capital works installations.

Technical Advice Services

Technical advice services for communities supported through CARES will typically be provided through our framework of technical advice consultants. We will work with communities to understand their renewable energy project requirements and where supported through CARES will procure the services through our framework of five multi-disciplinary technical advisers. This will help to make the process of progressing your project quicker and easier. This will include services such as project feasibility, planning, project due-diligence and technical advice.

Our framework suppliers are: Locogen, Mabbett & Associates, WSP, The Natural Power Consultants, and Reheat.

Project Management Support Framework

The Framework is a collection of specifically selected suppliers who have successfully completed a competitive selection process. The assessment of suppliers included a review of their financial standing, ensuring appropriate insurances are in place, evaluating their relevant experience and securing competitive rates for different staff grades. Find out more about the Project Management Support Framework below.

Capital works supplier lists

A supplier list of contractors will be established in spring 2022 to assist communities identify suitable contractors to support small to medium-sized capital works installations.

Project Management Support Framework

This Framework  can be used by organisations that need project management support services. It has been established to streamline the supplier selection process and ensure best value for organisations.

Use the Project Management Support Framework.