Many community groups may find it challenging to identify and appoint suppliers for professional services, such as project managers, technical and financial advisers.

Over 2021/2022, Energy Saving Trust will be making changes that aim to help communities procure services to successfully deliver projects.

Project Management Support Framework

The Framework is a collection of specifically selected suppliers who have successfully completed a competitive selection process. The assessment of suppliers included a review of their financial standing, ensuring appropriate insurances are in place, evaluating their relevant experience and securing competitive rates for different staff grades. Find out more about the Project Management Support Framework below.

Supplier frameworks and supplier lists

A supplier list of contractors will be established in early 2022 to assist communities identify suitable contractors to support small to medium-sized capital works installations.

Technical Advice Services

It can be challenging identifying and procuring technical advice services to support projects. During 2021/2022, Energy Saving Trust will establish a new multi-disciplinary advice framework to directly procure advice on behalf of CARES-funded organisations. This will include services such as project feasibility, planning, and technical advice. We anticipate that this framework will be in place in early 2022.

You may also wish to view our Invitation to Tender (ITT) templates which you’ll find in our resources index.

Project Management Support Framework

This Framework  can be used by organisations that need project management support services. It has been established to streamline the supplier selection process and ensure best value for organisations.

Use the Project Management Support Framework.