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Benefits of typical solutions

In our site guide about community buildings, we outline the benefits of typical solutions including installing renewable technologies.


An introduction to the different ways you can develop a biomass project, including a step-by-step guide and links to other useful information.

Capital funding and income

There are several reasons why capital funding based only on project viability is difficult to secure; we outline these in our guide.

CARES portal guidance

Our CARES portal guidance document give you step-by-step guidance on how to use the CARES portal.

Commercial advice for shared ownership models

A document outlining commercial advice for shared ownership models, developed by Harper Macleod LLP.

Common activities

Addressing many of the issues facing community buildings can begin with the same initial steps.

Community Action Plan consultancy agreement template

A template for a consultancy agreement for developing a Community Action Plan.

Community Action Plan Invitation to Tender (ITT) template

An Invitation to Tender (ITT) template which can be used for communities when creating Community Action Plans.

Community benefit agreement template

A template for a community benefit agreement between a project owner and a community body.

Community benefits overview

This overview sets out the purpose and structure of the Community Benefit Toolkit and provides a provisional road map for those seeking to secure, set...

Community Benefits: example conflict of interest policy for an advisory panel

A sample conflict of interest policy for an advisory panel. Part of the Community Benefits Toolkit.

Community Benefits: example interview task and questions for Community Action Planning commissioning

An example of interview task and questions for Community Action Planning commissioning.

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