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An effective Community-led Local Energy Plan will bring together a wide range of views from the local community. It’s important to give the local community plenty of ways and opportunities to share their views, and to be prepared to share progress with the community as the plan develops.

Have a look at these practical examples of community engagement from areas which have already developed Local Energy Plans, ranging from events and workshops to online surveys.

Examples of public meetings and workshops

In Barra, public meetings and workshops were used to engage the community when developing their Local Energy Plan. Check out these examples of materials used to help plan your own session or information stand.

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Examples of Local Ambassador Work

In Drumnadrochit and Brae, local ambassadors helped to encourage the local community to contribute to the creation of their Local Energy Plan. Check out examples of workshop materials used to support the ambassadors.

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Examples of Surveys

Surveys can help you work out what matters to members of your community, and these examples give some pointers on what to include and ways to structure your survey.

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