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Thursday 28 April, 10.30am to 11.30am, Microsoft Teams

We’re hosting a free webinar on Thursday 28 April (10.30am – 11.30am) offering an introduction to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for community organisations.

PPAs are an agreement between an energy generator (the community) and an energy purchaser (energy supplier). The energy supplier will agree to pay the community a set fee per kWh for a set period of time; this may be over the short or long term, but most are around 1-3 years.

PPAs are likely to be of interest to communities with larger renewable projects (over 80kW for wind and hydro projects or over 250kW for solar), including those in receipt of the Feed-in Tariff. There are a small number of energy utilities that will provide PPAs to smaller projects. PPA prices are currently very good because energy prices are high, so communities with larger projects may wish to explore their options. The webinar will help communities by setting out examples of current market trends, factors that influence the prices, and relevant case studies.

We’ll be joined by Renewable Exchange and Younity who will share their experience and insights of the PPA market and where this might be appropriate for community organisations.

This online webinar will take place on Microsoft Teams. To register, please contact Laura Campbell.


About Renewable Exchange

Renewable Exchange is an online platform connecting renewable energy generators with energy buyers (offtakers) for an easy and quick PPA tendering process.

Renewable Exchange provides asset owners and managers with useful market insights and tools that help them maximise export power revenue. Price forecasting, smart analytics and bid comparison tools allow generators to gain full understanding of their export power revenue. PPA tendering through the platform is simple and quick and account registration is free of charge.

Renewable Exchange now supports nearly 2000 generators in the UK, ranging from single asset owners to community groups and large-scale developers.

About Younity

In August 2019, Midcounties Co-operative and Octopus Energy signed a strategic energy partnership. This saw Octopus Energy take on ownership and responsibility for the management and supply of energy for 300,000 customers formerly supplied by Co-op Energy which also included Flow and GB Energy customers who Co-op Energy previously acquired.  Part of this strategic partnership included the creation of Younity, a joint venture between the Midcounties Co-operative and Octopus Energy. Younity are proud to support community energy groups across the UK, collaborating and inspiring to create a true community-focused renewable energy movement while paying generators a fair price for the power they produce.

Younity are currently purchasing community owned electricity from around 200 Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) from community energy projects across Great Britain which is linked to Your Co-op Energy’s Community Power tariff. This is a domestic supply tariff that sources 100% of its electricity from community owned generation through Younity’s PPAs, the power is assigned to this tariff through the REGO’s to prove the origin of where the energy has comes from.