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"Project development"


An overview of the basic construction process, including the role of community groups and contractors.

Developing a project idea

How to develop your project, from concept to a more robust feasibility study.

Grid connection

A guide to the grid connection process, including an overview of the electricity distribution system.


A guide to planning your renewable energy project.


Find out about procuring services, goods and hardware for your project.

Project model: new wind generation (grid connected, above 1MW)

This project model is aimed at those interested in installing new wind turbines, to be locally owned and directly connected to the electricity grid.

Project model: refurbished wind generation (grid connected)

This project model is for those interested in second-hand refurbished wind turbines and directly connected to the grid.

Securing a site

All you need to know about securing a site for your project.

Site guide: energy options for community buildings

This site guide outlines considerations for those in control of community buildings looking to make a change in their energy use and carbon emissions.

The project roadmap

An overview of the project roadmap. Developing a renewable project generally follows a similar process, regardless of technology.

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